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Fight Deportation

If you are at risk of being deported, a Boston immigration attorney can help you fight to stay in the country. As a Boston immigration lawyer, Attorney Joseph Gregory serves clients with dignity, respect, and professionalism. His immigration law experience may be able to help you secure a better outcome in fighting deportation and working towards a brighter future in America.

Work Visa Issues

If you are facing an issue related to a work visa or other grant of temporary immigration rights, Attorney Joseph Gregory would like to offer you a free consultation. Take advantage of your free immigration consultation by calling (617) 990-4739 to discuss the legal issue you are facing. As a Massachusetts immigration attorney, Joseph Gregory can help you navigate work visa issues and other immigration matters.

Green Card Attorney

Would you like to obtain a green card but do not know where to begin? Are you interested in becoming a US citizen and moving to Massachusetts? Attorney Joseph Gregory can help you in your quest to obtain permanent residency in the US. With affordable rates, personal service, and a great deal of compassion, Attorney Joseph Gregory will aid you in your quest for citizenship. Translation services are available, call (617) 990-4739 today.

Immigration Related Crimes

If you have committed a crime while in the United States but are not a permanent citizen, the immigration consequences can be dire. Gregory Law helps individuals like you fight criminal charges and consider the unique challenges faced by immigrants accused of crime. Gregory Law is not here to judge, Attorney Gregory is here to help. Call (617) 990-4739 today for a free consultation.

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